Buti Yoga®

A movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out. We train the core using the Spiral Structure technique created by Founder Bizzie Gold that transforms the way the body looks and performs almost instantly. Class will offer you a soulful journey to female empowerment that will make you drip sweat and love every second.

Cardio Yoga®

A sweat-drenching, moving meditation from The willPower Method® programming. Make no mistake, this is not simply yoga sped up. The Cardio Yoga® format is based on scientific “Power Posturing”, rhythmic flow, and an innovative teaching methodology. Dive into this mind-altering experience that elevates the euphoric endorphin high of fitness into the next dimension. 

F2 Functionally Fit

Some of us live to exercise… but have you ever thought that you should exercise to live, and live well? F² is a class designed to train our bodies to move the way there were intended to move – something that sounds silly, but has become a necessity due to the daily constrictions modern life puts on our bodies. Expect to work compound movements, strength training, movement drills, etc… all targeting the goals of making everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury, rehab past injuries, and improve your quality of life.   


Lengthen & strengthen your muscles in FlexAbility – a stretching class that helps you tune into your body & its capabilities. A healthy flexibility regimen is essential to fitness, dance & aerial lovers everywhere. Increase your range of motion, protect against workout injuries and learn to move AND feel better. Accessible to students of all fitness levels. Dress comfortably in workout attire; no shoes needed for this class.

Class is offered on alternating Sundays at 10:00am, Mondays at 6:00pm, and Wednesdays at 6:00pm via LIVESTREAM ONLY.
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Power Yoga

Take a journey into a powerful practice which places an emphasis on mindfulness, breath, strength, and flexibility. Become more in-tune with moving your body safely – facilitating self-healing, building strength, & calming the mind.  

Restorative YinYoga

Relax, unwind, and give your body + mind the break it needs. Students will be given the opportunity to hold poses for longer, use props as an assist so that the body can sink into a truly relaxed heaviness. While experiencing these deep poses, students will be taken through breathwork & self-massage cues to dig deep into the fascia of the body. Class ends with a long & cozy Savasana, using pillows & blankets to surrender into a deep restorative state. Students should dress in layers and bring a pillow (& an extra blanket) with them to class.

Roll + Restore

Treat your body to a 60-minute therapy sesh with our one-of-a-kind myofascial release class. Learn to release tension from trigger points in your body using foam rollers & other small props as a form of self-massage. A vital part of any fitness routine – a little R&R for your hard-worked muscles can do wonders for recovery, injury-prevention, and overall wellness.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga connects one posture to the next using the breath.  This can be thought of as linking or flowing into postures which is sometimes why it’s called “Flow Yoga”.  The opposite of this would be an alignment based class where students engage with a posture, explore it for a period of time and then “break the posture” by coming out. Accessible to students of all levels.

Yoga Wheel

Yoga with a prop has never been quite so challenging & exciting! Experience an incredible fusion of high-energy yoga movements blended with deep flexibility work… while utilizing a yoga wheel as a prop. Throughout this class, students will be taken through several bursts of heart-pumping flows, each followed by a deep-stretching flow to compliment the areas just worked. BYOYW (Bring Your Own Yoga Wheel) or use one of ours!

Class offered on alternating Sundays at 10:00am via LIVESTREAM
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